Wi-Fi Direct uses , advantages and disadvantages

Wi-Fi Direct

It is the wireless communication and data transfer technology ,  It is useful for everything from internet browsing to the file transfer and to communicate with one or more devices simultaneously at typical Wi-Fi speeds , It helps to share the files that are heavy in size at a faster rate .

Wi-Fi direct is called Wi-Fi P2P , You can establish the connection between two devices , It is a Wi-Fi standard enabling devices to easily connect with each other without requiring the wireless access point and it is used in the smartphones and the portable devices .

Wi-fi Direct

Wi-fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct Advantages

Wi-Fi Direct can connect the different devices , one of the Wi-Fi devices only needs to be compliant with Wi-Fi Direct to establish the connection that transfers the data directly between them with greatly reduced setup , The devices can exchange the data without the use of internet connection , It is a certified technology and it has many applications .

Wi-Fi Direct is portable , No internet connection or router is required for sharing the files with the help of Wi-Fi Direct , It is developing the new ways of the data transfer and it is the immediate way of the data transfer .

Wi-Fi Direct is a new technology , It shows the user when there is any connection available , It has protected setup & it helps to transfer the data with security and it relies on WPA2 security and it is extremely secure .

Security is achieved using Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ to make the connection , Using the PIN typed into both devices , It supports any devices with version 4.0 and newer of the android O.S , It is indicated that Wi-Fi promises regular Wi-Fi speeds of up to 250 Mbps and no need to root the device .

It does not require the router that changes the typical Wi-Fi connection scenario , Wi-Fi Direct is easy to use , It lets the users know when the connection is available , if the overhead projector is Wi-Fi Direct certified , the PC wanting to connect to it could see that it is available .

Wi-Fi Direct negotiates the link with the Wi-Fi Protected Setup system which assigns each device the limited wireless access point , The two Wi-Fi Direct devices can be set up to require proximity of the near field communication , a Bluetooth signal , or the button press on one or all the devices .

Wi-Fi Direct can provide the wireless connection to the peripherals , the wireless mice , the keyboards , the remote controls , the headsets , the speakers , the displays and many functions can be implemented with Wi-Fi Direct , It has begun with Wi-Fi mouse products and Wi-Fi Direct remote controls .

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct technology is new to Android , So , many users have found many bugs in this technology , You need to establish the connection with the other devices and as soon as you leave the group , the connection disables , It goes out of the service when the connection is stopped .

Wi-Fi Direct has limitation , It does not support the iPhones , It is not available on apple’s iPhones , so , if the application’s code was converted to the program language of apple , it would not work , Samsung devices limit the transmission power , so , the distance is decreased .

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