Samsung Galaxy S7 advantages , disadvantages and specifications

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  1. arounen says:

    why does all the samsung batteries need to be changed every 5 months…? I ve samsung s4, its been 2 years im using it…but i ve change lots of batteries….the mobile heats up sometimes….its very annoying…can someone explain how this occurs…thx…and the other problem is the freezing issue

    • Heba Soffar says:

      Most mobile heats up and the freezing issue is due to using of Facebook , some applications , heavy games on the phone , There are some programs affect on your battery and your mobile such as
      Due Speed , Clean Master , CM security , Due Battery
      , 360 security , call recorder pro
      You should remove them from your mobile
      If you can not solve the problem , you have to go to the maintenance center

  2. Rohit says:

    Should be a good phone.

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