The ways of maintaining the human nervous system

The human nervous system importance

Nervous system

The human nervous system

The nervous system is carrying the nerve messages from one of the body areas to another , It regulates and coordinates all the vital processes within the body , It receives the external stimuli that surround the human being through the sensory organs , then identifies and interprets them .

The ways of keeping the human nervous system

  • You have to get enough sleep as your brain repairs itself while you sleep , you should have a well balanced diet with enough calcium and potassium .
  • You can keep your organs healthy by cleaning out the toxic buildup in your body , and Aerobic activity is great for the brain functioning .
  • You should reduce the intake of the stimulating substances such as tea , coffee and others because they affect the sleeping periods , they affect the heartbeats and they lead to nervous tension .
  • You should stay away from the addiction because it passively affects on the nervous system and it causes the retardation of the memory and learning , the nervous tension , the sluggishness , loss time sensation and the sleepless .
  • Keep away from sitting for a long periods in front of the computer and television to avoid the exhausting of the sense organs .
  • You should avoid the extreme exciting situations because it affect your nervous system .
  • You should stay away from the sources of the pollution ( as the noisy places and the smoke ) , because they passively affect the nervous system .
  • You have to stay away from the tranquilizers and the stimulants to maintain your nervous system healthy.
  • You have  to give the body a sufficient period of the rest especially during the sleep .
  • You should do physical exercises  to keep your nervous system healthy .

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