Economic importance of some common acids, bases and salts ( minerals )


Acids are the substance whose aqueous solutions contain positive hydrogen ions (H+) , It turns blue litmus paper into red , it reacts with base giving the salt of acid and the water , such as Sulphuric acid H2SO , Nitric acid HNO3 , Hydrochloric acid HCl and Phospheric acid H3PO4 .

Economic importance of some common acids

Acids is very important in the human body because the stomach acids help in the digestion of proteins , And during the physical exercises , lactic acid is produced in the muscles ( during over exercises ) .

Acids are very useful in the house as Dilute HCl acid is used in manufacturing of detergents which are used in cleaning the surfaces and they are used in polishing of metals surfaces needed to be painted ( coated ) .

Acids are used in industry where Nitric acid and Phospheric acid are used in manufacturing of fertilizers , Sulphuric acid is used in making car batteries , fibers manufacture and the oil distillation .

Acids and bases

Acids and bases

Acids are very important in our food , Guava , oranges and tomatoes are rich in ascorbic acid ( vitamin C , You know that vitamin C ( ascorbic acid ) in oranges protect us from the common cold , It improve the immunity against the common cold .

The green leaves of vegetables contain folic acid which is necessary for the proper growth of cells , Orange and lemon contain citric acid which is used as a preservative substance in some food industries .


Bases are the substances whose aqueous solutions contain negative hydroxide ions (OH) , It turns red litmus paper into blue , It reacts with acid giving salt of acid and the water , It has a soapy feel , such as Sodium hydroxide NaOH , Potassium hydroxide KOH and Magnesium hydroxide Mg ( OH )2  .

Economic importance of some common bases

Bases are very useful , They are used in the medicines where Magnesium hydroxide Mg ( OH )2 is used in manufacturing of antacids stomach medicines ( They are medicines that used to neutralize the stomach acidity ) .

Bases are very important in the industry where Calcium oxide is used in manufacturing of cement , It is used in the water treatment and it is used in the reduction of the soil acidity .

The salts ( minerals )

The salts are the chemical compound resulted from the reaction of acid with alkali such as Sodium chloride NaCl , Magnesium Chloride MgCl2 , Calcium sulphate CaSO4 and potassium chloride KCl .

Economic importance of some common salts

The salts are very important in the human body where calcium and magnesium salts are the main components of the bones and the teeth , Phosphorus salts contribute to the formation of tissues , Sodium and potassium salts are responsible for the transfer of nerve impulses .

The salts are very useful in the food , Sodium chloride ( the table salt NaCl ) is used in salting and preserving the food .

The salts are used in the industry where Calcium carbonate is used in manufacturing of glass and cement , Potassium nitrate is used in manufacturing of fertilizers and explosives , Silver nitrate is very important as it is used in manufacturing of the sensitive photographic films .

Usage of sodium bicarbonate in our life 

Sodium bicarbonate is used in polishing metals , It is used in polishing silver by using a piece of aluminium foil during washing , So , silver restores its shine , It is used in polishing any decorative metal pieces that made of copper or chrome by rubbing it with the piece of cloth wet with the water and immersed in sodium bicarbonate .

Sodium bicarbonate is used in the kitchen , You can add a small amount of it in the bottom of the waste basket before putting the bag to prevent the bad odours , You can soak the legumes in the water and add a small amount of it to help in decreasing the bloating that accompanies eating of legumes .

You can add a small amount of Sodium bicarbonate in the kitchen’s sink and pour on it boiling water then notice the draining of sink becomes faster , You can use Sodium bicarbonate in the garden , You can place it ( without any additives ) in the places where the ants come out , by the time you will notice their disappearance .

Classifications of bases according to strength ( degree of ionization ) and molecular structure

Classification of Acids according to its strength (degree of ionization), Its source & Basicity

Types of compounds, Properties of Acids, Bases (alkalis), Oxides and Salts

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