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The properties of the molecules of the matter

The molecule

The matter is composed of small building units called the molecules which is composed of tiny structural units called the atoms , and it is anything that has a mass and  occupies space , The molecule is the smallest part of the matter which can exist freely and it has the properties of the matter .

What is the properties of the molecules of matter ?

Intermolecular forces

Intermolecular forces

The interamolecular forces are forces which keeps the molecule together such as the bonds while the intermolecular forces are the attractive force between the molecules which responsible for keeping the matter in solid or liquid phase .

The molecules of matter are in a continuous motion , there are intermolecular spaces among the molecules of matter , and there are attraction forces among the molecules of matter .

When you leave the perfume bottle open , you smell it all over the room as the molecules of the perfume are in continuous motion , and they keep the properties of perfume .

The molecules of solid matter have an oscillatory motion , while the motion of liquids is limited and the motion of gases is limited .

The drop of link spreads through the water as the molecules of link are in a state of continuous motion in all directions among the water molecules .

The there are intermolecular spaces among the molecules of matter which are the spaces that are found among the molecules of the matter .

The volume of a mixture of water and alcohol is less than the sum of their volumes before mixing as some molecules of alcohol occupy the intermolecular spaces among the water molecules .

There are intermolecular force among the molecules of the matter , the intermolecular force is the force that bounds the molecules of matter together , It is difficult to break an iron piece with your fingers as there is a strong attraction force among iron molecules .

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